Terms & Conditions

Every advertiser and advertising agency who submits an order for advertising with VG, agrees to these terms and conditions.

By submitting advertising material to VG or authorising or approving the publication of advertising material by VG on your behalf, you warrant that the advertising material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any claims or liabilities against VG, our partners, our directors, employees or agents.

A design proof will be sent to you for approval with seven days to correct any copy mistakes or image placements. Should you not contact us within this time frame we have the right to take the guide to print. No corrections can be made after this.

The closing time for cancellations is 30 days before print deadline. A cancellation charge of 50% will be made for cancellations made after this deadline.

Orders of two issues or more are not refundable and repeated ad will be your approved content.

Advertisers are responsible for supplying the advert in the correct format by the advertised deadline. VG does not accept responsibility for any advertising errors submitted by the customer or its agent. Adverts that require corrections or alterations will be made at our discretion to ensure our standards and print deadlines are met. The advertiser will pay the cost of such corrections or alterations unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Any artwork images or text supplied and/or designed by VG on behalf of the client will remain the property of VG. They will not be made available for use in other publications or advertising mediums without VG’s written permission.

These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the advertising services and cannot be varied except by agreement in writing signed by one of our authorized officers.